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Why Buy From Us?
1) Safe: Our units are engineered and manufactured with safety in mind and painted with a safety yellow-powder finish.
2) Quality: We use only highest quality components in our units.
3) Cost: Low initial unit cost and low maintenance costs over the life of the door opener.
4) Product Warranty: Our units feature a warranty for 1 year parts and labor.
5) Fast Service: Average delivery for in stock units is within two weeks.
6) FREE Trial: 30-Day demo available on a number of units.
7) In-Stock Parts: Replacement parts for Door Demons are always in stock.
8) Standard Options: Our units come equipped with better standard options, including longer shaft lengths for our hopper gate openers.
9) Accessories: We offer a wide array of accessories for our hopper gate openers.
10) Real People: When you call The Arnold Company, a real person will answer the phone to answer your questions.
Why Buy From Us?

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