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"Quick-Tach" - Skid Steer Mounted Door Demon®
QUICK DESCRIPTION: The quick attach mounting of the "Quick-Tach" Skid Steer Door Demon fits most units while also providing the flexibility of multiple positions.

Approximate Lead Time: 2 - 3 weeks
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Quick-Tach - Skid Steer Mounted Door Demon
Figure 1. Quick-Tach - Skid Steer Door Demon®

The "Quick-Tach" Skid Steer Mounted Door Demon® weighs just under 400 lbs. We use the standard quick attach mounting system. If yours is different from “standard”, we can usually accommodate your situation.

This unit has two pivoting points. The boom itself goes both left and right, then the head also turns left and right. These positions are locked in place with a simple 1” pin. The "Quick-Tach" Skid Steer Mounted Door Demon has a 5 ft reach in all directions so it is past the tires and will clear many obstacles.

Of course the hydraulic hoses hook into your auxiliary line with controls to the driver. The flow controls require 4 gpm (gallons per minute). This pressure is obtained by most skid steers and is usually no problem but still check with your manual.

Key Safety Features
When Safety Matters...Choose a Door Demon Safe, Single-person Operation
Helps Prevent Employee Injuries
Powder-coated "Safety Yellow" for Increased Visibility
Removes Workers from Under Railcars During Unit Operation
Stable Platform Allows for Predictable Performance
Operator Controls Unit from the Safety of Skid Steer
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