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The Arnold Company is the number one Railcar Gate Door Opener manufacturer in the United States. As home of the Door Demon® line of railcar hopper gate door openers, we also offer custom designed railcar door openers to meet the specific needs of your working environment! We also carry a full line of Railcar and Industrial Vibrators.

We take pride in our product selection, product quality, and personalized customer service! We offer our customers affordable, practical solutions to their railcar door opener needs, and we stand behind our products!
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Hopper Gate Door Openers:
"Demon Stick" - Manually Operated Door Demon
DC (Battery Operated) Door Demon
AC (Electric Operated) Door Demon
"Dragon" - (Air Operated) Door Demon
"Demon Fly" - Electric Beam Mounted Door Demon
"Dragon Fly" - Air Beam Mounted Door Demon
Multi-Position Beam Mounted Door Demon
"Conveyor Fly" - Conveyor Mounted Door Demon
"Fork Devil" - Forklift Mounted Door Demon
"Quick-Tach" - Skid Steer Mounted Door Demon

Boxcar Openers:
"Bully" - Forklift Mounted Boxcar Plug Door Opener
Blue Rolling Portable Boxcar Plug Door Opener
"Door Buster" - Multi-Purpose Boxcar Opener
"DR Winch" - Double Rope Winch Boxcar Opener

Specialty Units & Openers:
Vibrator Lifter
Hopper Trailer Opener (HTO)

Other Products and Services:
Parts and Accessories
Repair Services
Custom Design Services
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