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"Door Buster" - Multipurpose Boxcar Opener
QUICK DESCRIPTION: The "Door Buster” is a DC powered, forklift mounted unit designed for safely opening/closing boxcar plug doors and sliding doors.

Approximate Lead Time: 3 - 4 weeks

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Door Buster Multi-Purpose Boxcar Opener
Figure 1. Door Buster Multi-Purpose Boxcar Opener

See Unit Brochure for more Technical Details

DC powered, with a built-in charger, the Door Buster is ready whenever and whenever you need it.
The "Door Buster” is a combination of our “Bully” Boxcar Plug Door Opener and our “DR Winch” Boxcar Sliding Door Opener in one unit that mounts on a forklift to make opening these doors safer and easier for your employees.

The plug door opener mechanism is designed to open boxcar plug doors without the danger of physical stress or injury to the operator. Also, it can be operated from the seat of a forklift keeping the worker safely away from potential stored energy in the boxcar plug handle and door.

The winch part of our unit uses two 9500 pound winches to make pulling open and closed even the toughest boxcar doors easy and safe. This boxcar safety solution is designed to remove employees from the dangerous zone in front of the boxcar door or boxcar opening when the door is being opened and/or closed. With safety and productivity in mind, the winches utilize synthetic ropes which are stronger than steel cable, but will not whip or backlash if accidentally cut.

Key Safety Features
When Safety Matters...Choose a Door Demon Safe, Single-person Operation
Helps Prevent Employee Injuries
Powder-coated "Safety Yellow" for Increased Visibility
Drive Controls Return to Neutral/Stop Upon Release
Stable Platform Allows for Predictable Performance
Synthetic Rope Offers Protection from Backlash
Battery Power Disconnect
Keeps Operator Away from the Stored Energy of the Boxcar Door When Opening
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