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Custom Design Services
Even though we have the widest offering of standard door openers, the need for custom designs can often arise. We are happy to work with you to discuss your needs, whether it be a tight space, special power source, or unique gate or door type. Just give us a call and we will be glad to talk to you about solving your safety or productivity issues.

Four-Wheel Multi-Position Door DemonRecently, a railcar service company presented a need for a reliable, specialized hopper gate door opener to facilitate the maintenance of 30,000+ annual gate doors. In order to service scores of railcars a day, the top of their rails are 36 inches from the floor to provide a ‘pit’ in which to service the hopper gates (much like a quick-lube oil change facility). Therefore, the hopper gate capstan levels were often as high as 52” from the floor. This railcar service company required a stable opener that could reach these heights while providing optimum torque to open often defective hopper gates so they could be serviced and returned to production use.

The Arnold Company designed a solution by combining the proven reliability of two of our most popular units: two wheel Door Demon and a multi-position beam mounted Door Demon. What we delivered was a four- wheeled, multi-position Door Demon®…an industry first.

Unit Features and Specifications:
  • 5’ x 4’ steel frame with four foam filled tires for increased stability and durability (no flats)
  • Steerable front wheels for maximum unit maneuverability in tight spatial environment
  • 3 phase electric, 2 horsepower motor
  • 16” hydraulic powered height adjustment (starting at 36” from floor up to 52”)
  • Manually telescoping shafts featuring 30 inches of movement
  • Powder coated “Safety Yellow”

Custom Designs

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