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"Conveyor Fly" - Conveyor Mounted Door Demon®
QUICK DESCRIPTION: The Arnold Company has solved yet another application issue with the conveyor-mounted Demon.

Approximate Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks
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Conveyor Fly - Conveyor Mounted Door Demon
Figure 1. Conveyor Fly - Conveyor Mounted Door Demon®

The Conveyor Fly gets its power from the 12-volt system on the does not tap into the conveyor's hydraulics. This keeps the integrity of the manufacturer’s equipment intact should there be failure. In a nutshell, this is our DC unit running on 12 volts from the battery on the engine.

We use a hydraulic pump and 12 volt DC motor coupled with the our hydraulic motor and set to the same specifications as all our units. The controls are next to the hydraulic controls on the unit; the operator is not jumping around to start and stop the belt or regulate the flow by closing or opening the door.

Application: The already proven, smooth hydraulic opener rides from side to side on a 4” beam. This allows it to be used on either side of the conveyor, on moving capstans, and on any width gate while still aligning the product drop point to the conveyor. The controls allow for opening and closing of the gate from either side of the conveyor.

Key Safety Features
When Safety Matters...Choose a Door Demon Safe, Single-person Operation
Helps Prevent Employee Injuries
Powder-coated "Safety Yellow" for Increased Visibility
Removes Workers from Under Railcars During Unit Operation
Drive Controls Return to Neutral/Stop Upon Release
Stable Platform Allows for Predictable Performance
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