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DC (Battery) Door Demon®
QUICK DESCRIPTION: This unit is powered by DC Battery, allowing the user to safely and efficiently open the toughest railcar hopper gates wherever and whenever needed.

Approximate Lead Time: 2 - 3 weeks
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DC Door Demon
Figure 1. DC Door Demon® with Hydraulic Lift Kit
and Side Shifting Wheels
For further details and technical specifications, see
the Unit Brochure
The DC (battery powered) Door Demon is a two wheel hopper gate opener with the perfect combination of mobility, speed and power to open even your toughest gates safely and efficiently. The unit is powered by two twelve volt batteries with a built in electric charger to allow the unit to be used in any location. The DC motor powers a hydraulic pump which in turn powers a hydraulic motor providing significant continuous torque. This unit is the perfect solution for those without an available power source at the work site, or for those who just want ultimate mobility.

A typical charge will last for about 30 doors in succession before a battery recharge is required, and it displays full power until the last door. If you open empty cars or the gates open fairly easily, it will last much longer. The built in battery charger uses a standard 120 volt connection and can recharge batteries fully within about 4 hours. As with all smart chargers, this one will drop to a trickle and go into maintenance mode if left on for extended periods of time, so it is safe to leave it plugged into the outlet.

The unit comes equipped with an extension shaft and drive bit. The standard shaft length is 26” long, but custom shaft lengths are available upon request. The base model is equipped with non-turning wheels and manual height adjustment; however, hydraulically powered options are available. The powered lift is especially helpful when the railcar capstan height is constantly changing. This is often seen in the types of locations this DC Powered Unit is needed the most.

Available Options and Accessories:
  • Hydraulic powered lift kit for raising and lowering the power shaft
  • Hydraulic powered Side Shifting Wheels which makes traveling capstans and general mobility a snap

Key Safety Features
When Safety Matters...Choose a Door Demon Safe, Single-person Operation
Helps Prevent Employee Injuries
Lock Out/Tag Out Capability (OSHA Standard)
Powder-coated "Safety Yellow" for Increased Visibility
Removes Workers from Under Railcars During Unit Operation
Drive Controls Return to Neutral/Stop Upon Release
Safety Enclosed Kill Switch for Quick-and-Easy Shut Off
Stabilizer Bar for Torque Suppression
Stable Platform Allows for Predictable Performance
Battery Power Disconnect
Even-balanced Weight Distribution for Safe and Easy Maneuvering
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